Fallen Angel

New Lyrics


Quietly, she sits alone in an empty home

But the home she knows doesn't know her anymore

Unkindly, now she erupts out of her disgust

But the only thing disgusting is her own soul


-And now she's too far gone

She cannot be saved

Just like a fallen angel- (chorus1)


Desperately, she tries to make her way through this life

But life doesn't want her to find a way inside

Frantically, she searches for a reason to try

But all she can find is more pain for all her crimes


-Oh, now she's too far gone

She'll never be saved

Just like a fallen angel- (chorus2)


Vengefully, she lashes out in a violent rage

As the rage takes over her broken, fragile mind

Shamefully, she resides in a cold steel prison cage

And this cage is where she'll ultimately die


-Too bad she's too far gone

She couldn't be saved

She was a fallen angel- (chorus3)


A fallen angel

A fallen angel


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Every family has one.


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