Touched upon my cheek, his fingers soft like silk

His tender lips against my neck, my skin as pale as milk

Pulled against his body, his warmth embraces me

I feel his heart beat gently, to go further I quietly plea

He whispers out my name, and softly strokes my hair

I delicately kiss his beautiful lips, feeling the love we share

Leading me to the bedroom, he holds me close and tight

And once therein, we gracefully, make heavenly love all night

The morning comes with silence, the sun plays upon his face

Cuddled close against him, my finger along his lips I trace

His beauty radiates like moonlight, soft against our sheets

The poetic charm of his gentle breath, nothing in the world competes

He opened up his eyes, and looked deeply into mine

His every touch upon my flesh, more intoxicating than wine

Smiling I then hugged him, and knew he was the one

He smiled in return and held me, making my blood as hot as the sun...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

;-; if only...

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amazing poem, just stunning :)

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