Ever get that sinking felling?
The one you can’t escape?
I’m walking down a lonely road.
A passenger of fate.

Every day is torcher.
A self-sustaining hell.
Every moment’s a blind approach.
There’s no one I can tell.

But my conscious still retains,
Thing’s could be much worse.
Indecisive actions, perhaps…
Or lying in a hearse.

Still, my heart is yearning.
For whatever could have been.
I feel the dagger burrow in.
I’m bleeding with this pen.

I’ve said all I can say,
Now I’ll just be on my way,
Down that lonely road again,
I’ll walk forever, with no end.

by Dylan

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An old poem I dug up recently... Let me know what you think!!

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Elfy's picture

This poem reallly hit me, i

This poem reallly hit me, i know how you feel, and i really liked it.
I know how it is to walk down that road, sometimes even when i have people around, i still feel like im on my own.
But there's nothing you can do, expt to keeep walking one more mile, then another, n keep going along.
Keep writing, hope to see more!