Out of Touch



So far away;


From this reality I’ve built.


I shuffle with a head full of clouds


And exhilaration that wilts.




So far away,


I habitually lock life up.


So no one can see;


So no one can touch.




So far away,


I attempt to reach.


For other longing Forgottens


That have been breached.




So far away,


Yet so, so, close.


Oh these feelings I cast out,


They stain the most.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Where my indiffernce dwells, where I search for others that get me.

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I love what I've seen

It just shows 

Words mean something.

( unless you are a politician )  ha ha

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hiding in a shell

im in love with your poetry

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Not Out of Touch . . .



with a solid style, consistent, piercing, and original. Enjoyed. Welcome addition to the roster at pp. Encore! Encore! - Just Bein' Stella







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Thanks so much :) Means a lot

Thanks so much :) Means a lot to me.


**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**