Where is our World?

When all children had gone to stream of alien to fetch water
As they made complain that ours was dirty
Like river being polluted by oil-exploiter
It seems there's no child ready to taste our own delicious pastry

As they had bowed to the wavering heads
When they were tasting gins which different from our sweeten palm-wine
What about the wavy tunes that they sing like horse's whines?
Which seemed to cast its shadow on our folklore mode

I could not stop until I mention almost extinction of beautiful regals
That had seemed to be lured out among the market's petal

Our daydreams is likely becoming a nightmare
And daybreak is apparently turning to an anthropological smear

Boys and girls do not know what to say to elderly ones
Neither they know how to read and use their tongues
About the variation of vowels and consonants in their languages
It seems banana is rotten and we are still claim riping
Our traditional chores are being taken
Like a ripping peanut in its shell
The moral parents are valuelessly uncultured as they behave like rotten kernel

Everywhere in the town, what you hear is a sound
That could infect ears with taboo tango-wound
Every sense, every inch everything is down like cut-down tree's stalk
Is this how we will be looking like flea?
That the alien's wind will blow down our fruitful trees

But how can we join these ocean and lagoon?
So that God could bless our souls again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When the identity is lost, everything lost together with it

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beautiful and sad

beautiful and sad