" to the STATE of my concern"

Let me just make one thing clear,
I wouldn’t change anything for the world,
But a broken system must be dealt with,
Affecting countless little boys and girls,

I am away from my kids,
But from no fault of my own,
I send them whatever is needed,
Summertime, theyre with me in my home,

I pay for shoes, clothes, whatever they need,
With my job that I’ve had a long time,
As hard as I work everyday,
The State takes my check, leaving me with dimes,

The money gets mailed like clockwork,
With a few transfers, then away it goes,
But time after time what its spent on?,
Well, theres the mystery that nobody knows,

A designed system that was put into place,
Protecting kids left high and dry,
Not for dads that do what I do,
Dads who always do their best and try,

She skips to the mailbox every other week,
A squeal of the tires, your in the rear,
For she just got her free money,
Inviting some friends out for beer,

Maybe a pedicure or massage today,
After all, to her theres no sacrifice,
Maybe some sushi or a nice big thick steak,
For the siblings its Ramen and rice,

Everyday wiping the sweat from my face,
I think of my hourly 35 percent,
Others around me all have nice things,
My noisy car riddled with dents,

Dear Mr. Law man can you please help?
“Im sorry, theres not much I can do”
“The law is the law, that I cannot change”
So with no choice I’m bent over and screwed,

Well can I at least claim one for taxes?,
She’ll probably say no, I bet,
For years I’ve politely called her and asked,
Im told, “she needs everything she can get”,

Now if I make her buy their things,
And try to save some of my funds,
Now I am being a bad father,
This summer she wont let them come…….

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hope one day they figure out what kinda bitch she really is......lol

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