" Scientific Guided Freedom "

I am told that he has came,
A sacrifice sent from his father,
With unlimited omnipotent power,
Why would he have to bother?

Once an angel himself,
Satan created by the Lord,
He disobeyed the puppet master,
Banished to hell along with his hoards,

He now brings pain and misery,
Responsible for all things dark & lewd,
Either God doesn’t have the power to stop him,
Or just simply doesn’t want to,

From a young age I am told,
Of stories that disprove physics,
Burning bushes and living in whales,
Prayers just simply wishes,

A legendary book written by man,
Full of its contradictions and its lies,
Science deprived men on a flattened world,
Seeing the folklore through their eyes,

A basic plan of security,
To help death not seem so bad,
Controlling masses from questioning,
Then taking money from their hands,

When asked things in which they do not know,
No comprehension of what to say,
Quick to point out your heresy,
Claiming “God works in mysterious ways”,

Endless wars and atrocities,
Plagues and the starving sick,
Hate in their hearts, while having to prove,
Who’s Gods got the bigger dick,

I am at peace not knowing the answers,
Which you claim to possess,
I have no guilt or sins to fear,
No confessions to get off my chest,

For when I die it will turn black,
No heavens for me to stay,
If I cant feel pain or misery,
It aint no place I’d like to stay…….

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you are offended, do not blame me....blame your parents....

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My parents werent that

My parents werent that religious. I've had the religious experience who do I blame for the dick comment? lol! despite the content I loved the way it was written, great write. And there's so many spiritualities to choose from as long as you have one you have a hope in life, theres no hope in death. It just ends up pissing you off that you didnt do more in life (something most people feel). Anyways I liked thinking about this from another view and I liked being a little uncomfortable however, I must admit it was bern's comment that got my attention ;) keep it up I like the way you do what you do~!

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