" Whatever "

The pool is almost empty,
It feels as if I've done it all,
Scores of lines of rhyming words,
Poetry large and small,

Self loathing and depression,
Look at my punished soul,
"You dont understand how I feel",
Is getting kind of old,

I have penned dedications,
A sad story of the natives,
Who undoubtably have been screwed,
No excuses of why you couldnt make it,

I have written about addictions,
Syringes and tourniquets of rubber,
But havent we all been addicted,
To one thing or another?

I have written about atrocities,
Like Europe's bubonic plague,
Mother nature does what she wants,
Too many people anyways,

What it is I'm trying to say,
I really do not know,
Maybe I have no more to say,
Nothing left to show,

Should my pen go in the drawer,
And finally call it quits,
Maybe writers block or something else,
For now I'm saying "fuck it",

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