"Dear Step-Daddy;"

You saw my fears,
Ignored my tears,
Yet,stared at me with contempt,

You saw my pain,
You caused my pain,
But, somehow you were exempt,

I needed you,
You knew that,
You never even bothered,

I was just a kid,
A helpless boy,
You were supposed to be my father,

You raised your fist,
Bruised my love,
Never made you smile,

They were your sons,
True sons of blood,
I was the bastard child,

You hated me,
You always did,
But wouldnt let me run,

You lost control,
So you had to strike,
Took her life with your gun,

You could have made it right,
But rage blinded you,
When things got tough, you quit,

You killed my mother,
In my clear sight,
Left me holding shit,

Years to come,
I still feel your hold,
With only memories kept,

I will not follow,
Your cowardly path,
Winds of time have washed your steps......Fuck You.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To the coward............

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I wish karma wouldve got him, but he off'd himself after he did my mother. I did fine with it until I got older. Now the saddness turned to anger. Anyways, thank u 4 support.


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very good it had tons of

very good it had tons of emotions and personal expirences. You described it very well
and i can relate iv been through abuse before myself, expt it was my real dad. Im sorry
you had to go through that, and i hope that man gets what he deserves for the pain
and sorrow that he has caused in your life. Karmas a bitch. I can relate to this poem.
Keep writing. :)


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Thanks for your kind words. I have tried my best. Life has a funny way of giving one all the ammunition needed for dark poetry. Very rarely will I write something from a place of imagination. It is all solid fact. Thank you again. Without comments, I would not continue writing. Cheers.


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You provide

vivid descriptions of life out of your own control. I don't know if the tragedy you described was a fact. I hope that it was not. But, the words on the page left you at a crossroads and with a great deal to supplement a crisis of self-doubt. Some individuals would have been totally depressed from a situation like this but, as the protagonist, you stood tall and came out the other side a stronger more confident individual. Though, the tenor is angry and well it should be, in a time of distress do the angered write prose or verse? You selected your own form of retribution the great poetry within the techniques of substance and style. A tip of the hat to you sir on this fine day...

stay safe
be happy


"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot