"My Life Sentence "

I come from the heavens,
Been there since the beginning of time,
Now I serve my punishment,
Must have done some type of crime,

Now Im shackled to this existence,
This life sentence I do on earth,
Full of pain and misery,
Never knowing what its worth,

I have now done thirty-two years,
Lifestyle of manual labor,
Everyday I have the same routine,
Nothing falling into my favor,

The worst part of my sentence,
Is not knowing when it will end,
Maybe an early release by heart attack,
Or a deadly car accident,

I serve this time with others,
Some like me and some want to stay,
Do my best to keep moving on,
Nothing else until my release date..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my first poems ever. I realize its alittle sloppy, just thought I post it.

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words from an honest man --- we all must drink from the cup of God's fury before we turn to the other side --- i am a witness to the light and it's saving grace and proof positive that there is hope