(T. Beechey)

I'm sitting here under a flickering light trying to write and make it rhyme

But, every time I reach for the pen, once again your image climbs

Each word I write I second-guess and I can't express the reasons why

Now I'm surrounded by crumpled sheets that are incomplete and the ink's run dry

There has to be an easier way

To relate what lies within my heart

But, as I start, I focus on

All that's gone since we're apart

My last cigarette's a smoldering ash while flashes of you linger above

Each hovers unbroken overhead and, instead of writing, I think about love

I often wonder where you are and, upon each star, I wish you peace

But I can't release my thoughts of you for, when I do, my thoughts increase

There has to be a simpler way

To convey the messages in my soul

A toll is taken each time I speak

Of the peak that's now a vacant hole

The flickering light begins to fade upon this charade I've chose to create

And the longer I wait, I have to admit these unwritten pages secure my fate

The love we shared and I tossed aside...well, I tried but now it's growing clear

I'm sitting here under a flickering light and all I can write is a falling tear

There has to be a better way

To say the things upon my mind

It's so hard to find the words to tell

How well I'm aware what I left behind

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