(T. Beechey)

Bob and Kim were married and as happy as can be

But Bob's brother John carried a lot of G-U-I-L-T

You see John and Kim,last summer,had a rendezvous

And Kim is left to wonder about what's she gonna do

Sometime in late September,Kim became aware

That a brand new family member would soon be hers to share

She was so elated about her coming spawn

But also devastated --- was the father actually John?

Bob and John were brothers,but they also were best friends

They looked out for each other,always with a hand to lend

John was best man at his wedding and,to both,he wished them well

But,in his mind,he was setting a trap into which Kim fell

John had always wanted Kim since she and Bob first met

John was sure she wanted him,but hadn't found the courage yet

To tell Bob she was leaving,so when Bob went off to war

That night,she was receiving a knock upon her door

They were brought together regardless of whether the world approved or not

For richer or poorer,worse or better,they agreed to tie the knot

But mistakes were made,the knot became frayed,perhaps beyond all repair

And,although they could,nobody would admit to a family affair

Three thousand miles away in a crowded Army tent

Bob wrote her all he had to say in a letter that he sent

How he loved her,how he missed her and couldn't wait till when

He'd hold her tight and kiss her when he was home again

Kim read to John Bob's letter and John began to sob

He told Kim they'd better find a way to tell ol' Bob

Kim told John not to worry,she knew just what to do

John said she'd better hurry,Bob's stint was almost through

Their union was blessed,they had the rest of their lifetimes to enjoy

Each had walked the aisle wearing a smile,such a happy girl and boy

If they'd only known what the future shown,perhaps they could've prepared

But no one expects the full effects that come with a family affair

When Bob's plane finally landed,Kim was there with everyone

And when he got off,she handed to him his newborn son

Bob looked at him,looked at her,then shook his head and sighed

He knew such things couldn't occur ever since his tubes were tied

How could a man undergo such a plan without any tubes to tie?

May I make a suggestion? Stop asking questions and make a effort to try

To simply relax,lie on your backs with both your feet in the air

Count all the stars or the passing cars...or have your own family affair

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