(T. Beechey)

Minute by minute,exact yet infinte

How long has it been? It seems out of fashion

But reason is not an afterthought

In this grand scheme of indecision

Each morning erupts what the evening corrupts

Skylines dips to kiss the horizons

In between are the victims unseen

The huddled masses amidst calm and collision

Straddling borders of chaos and order

Nothing is sacred in times of delusion

Everything's a maze enveloped in haze

Speckled by hues of exiled seclusion

As glimpses are taken by what has awakened

Past the scope and into each vision

Spanning the ages,quelling the rages

Which exist tapered in muted confusion

Lines are drawn while laughter goes on

In these unknowing moments of yore

And those echoes deafen those which are left

Reverberating for time evermore

Laughter is silenced by the throes of violence

Which claim victories with tainted scores

As a single tear flashes ,lingers then splashes

From a wide-eyed gaze which time will ignore

But somebody knows

As each teardrop goes

Without notice

Upon barren floors

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