(T. Beechey)

Why does love sometimes find two which life has left behind

Far enough apart to remind that sometimes love can be unkind?

Why does love,once in a while,choose to display its winning smile

To two obstructed by many a mile --- merely to flaunt its stealth and style?

Why does love often seek two whose souls are rendered weak

Separated by ocean and mountain peak --- to prove conclusively love's mystique?

Why does love come to pass for two excluded from the class

Still weeds amongst the blades of grass --- is love meant only to harrass?

Is there a point? A reason? A cause? By what code does love make its laws?

Perhaps love itself has many flaws so,before we proceed,we must pause

To inquire,to ask and investigate,ponder each question,perhaps debate

To save another before it's too late and love inevitably turns to hate

Why does love search until it discovers who can't resist its will

But the chance to meet grows ever nil because of endless voids to fill?

Why does love frequently hunt for those that no else would want

At a distance that mirrors back and front --- is love a joke and we the brunt?

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