(T. Beechey)

I can still hear the beat,at first it seemed like dreaming

But,as each chord was complete,I realized the streaming

Came from somewhere deep within,nestled in the golden embers

Of what had always been and which only one remembers

I can still hear the beat,so pristine and unbroken

In a melody so sweet that no words need ever spoken

As I listen,so I wonder if I'd always been without

This message in the thunder as I shake my head in doubt

I can still hear the beat in each whisper of the echoes

Over and over,it does repeat casting light upon the shadows

Steadily rising to a swell which overrides the masses

And captures by its spell all and everything that passes

I can still hear the beat undisguised in its beauty

Will I ever chance to meet the one who brings it to me?

I've a picture in my mind but,since I'm not in the deciding,

I'll wait my time to find what,since time began,is hiding

I can still hear the beat and,with each day,it grows stronger

There's no such thing as defeat if the chain of faith is longer

In the rhythm of the silence,there's a bond which lasts forever

And it's these special moments which neither fate nor time can sever

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