(T. Beechey)

Outside on the lawn

Surrounded by the dew

Captured by the dawn

In its omniscient view

Between the rows of flowers

And,as squirrels and chipmunks pass

Stands in these waking hours

A single blade of grass

Nestled in the shading

Of sprawling oaks and pines

Neither dulled or fading

As the sun so brightly shines

Or shriveled by the raindrops

Forming puddles clear as glass

Through it all,the plips and plops

This single blade of grass

A single blade of grass,stretching towards the sky

Doesn't hamper or harass,never questions how or why

Just accepts with humility its grade within the mass

It is a shame that we can't be as this blade of grass

Even as the wind is blowing

Rustling treetops to and fro

And through each winter's snowing

Underneath that quilt of snow

Lies dormant but awaiting

The shrilled but lofty brass

Of the robin celebrating ---

That single blade of grass

And,at the day's conclusion

When the moon is at its height

And each star's allowed intrusion

Bedecks the solemn night

Beneath it all,this interlude

Has been graced by the class

Of the one who rests in solitude ---

Godspeed,single blade of grass

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Being a non-conformist against oppresive strains of conformity and condescension, this was more than lovely, this was absolutely gorgeous... (^_^)

Sharon Wunsch's picture

Nice poem. However it brought to mind people who would
love for me to be a humble, accepting, noncomplaining, quiet, meek, harmless, tiny, nonindividualistic, nonrebellious blade of grass so they can more easily trample on me like elephants, run over me like Sherman tanks...or in any case mow over the top of me and keep me cut down, managable. So rather than a helpless blade of grass I personally wish to be whatever I have to be to end oppression.