(T. Beechey)

Family portraits interwoven with heartstrings

Bound together with lilacs and lace

A dedication unto that which brings

A glow upon each saddened face

Smiles exchanged between one another

Unspoken commitments expressed through the eyes

An inseparable bond between father and mother

As their children nestle within family ties

No unwelcomed presence could begin to sever

That which was forged from kisses and tears

And the image is held and preserved forever

To reflect upon throughout the years

For a chapter of life never closes

As long as memories continue to shine

And flourish,much like springtime roses

Wuth each budding adding another line

Another line,another tale

Cherish moments that linger on

Which shall neither fade nor pale

And,with God's love,are never gone

Family portraits interwoven with heartstrings

A testament to those who disbelieve

That love's indeed carried upon the wings

Of angels from Heaven for all to receive

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