(T. Beechey)

The very same sun which shines intense upon all I've considered familiar and seen

From the very small to the quite immense and everything else in between

Also shines forth from ray to ray upon each place that you have known

Therefore I guess,you could say the distance from me to you is shown

The very same moon which clears the haze from each step my journeys consist

In glows which slowly fades to gray any fog or shadow within my midst

In turn illuminates your paths wherever you find yourself to be

Therefore,I guess,that subtracts the distance that lies from you to me

You can't measure distance from heart to heart

You can't measure distance from soul to soul

Where does one end? Where does one start?

Because,over time,they become a whole

Joined as one to forever remain

No ruler could ever truly measure

That which is forged through pleasure and pain

The distance between truth and treasure

The very same stars which twinkle above in patterns no artist could conceive

By designs no painter ever dreamed of,through a fabric only God could weave

Twinkle in random syncopation over your world and all you find

Therefore,I guess,it's a realization: the distance between is a state of mind

The very same God whch created it all and keeps me always within His Sight

Lifting me up each time I fall and turning each wrong into a right

The very same God watches you still and caresses you with his Gentle Touch

The distance between has dwindled to nil because I love you so very much

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