(T. Beechey)

When I write,it's anyone's guess what will emerge ---I must confess

Sometimes,I admit,I'm more or less shocked from head to toe

By what comes through my writing pen,over and over and again and again

And,just as I think I'm finished,that's when my mind continues to go

"Slow down!" I beg as,side to side,I'm tossed along this one-way ride

Not knowing where it leads or if I'd survive,"are you my foe!"

My mind assures that it's my friend as we whip around each turn and bend

"But," I ask,"when will this end?" Says my mind,"Only you know!"

It takes me places I've never gone,all I can do is try to hold on

As images flash hither and yon and I'm swept up in the glow

Of dreams and fantasies considered unreal,captured in print with zest and zeal

"Oh,happy day!" I joyously squeal,"'tis the end of my worry and woe!

Writing,to me,is like a force --- I cannot tell you the cause or source

Writing just sets me on a course that cuts through ice and snow

No rain or hail or sleet deters creation of the printed verse

From start to finish,all that occurs is glory,both to and fro!

The ride is now a welcomed thing and,to myself,I start to sing

And,faintly,I hear bells start to ring and then I loudly crow

"All that I am is now here on this page!" I begin to dance,as if on a stage

Feeling,at least,half my age...well,maybe not that low

But renewed,refreshed,reborn,alive! I need a hug or how 'bout a high-five?

"I'm going to make it,I will survive!" Let those trunpets blow!

Yes,when I feel the need to compose,I'm always amazed at what's arose

And,when I read the words I've chose,my arms upwards I throw

It fills me with unbridled glee! "Hey,everybody! Look at me!"

And I thank God for it was He who,upon me,sought to bestow

This wonderful ability to write --- I bid you all a fond good night

And,perhaps,when comes the morning light,I'll be wantin' to write some mo'!

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