(T. Beechey)

I was alone and lost,tossed side to side

Forced to hide from myself and the world

Then this girl came with a song in her heart

And I started to see she's the reason

And so I returned and I learned even more

And before didn't seem to no longer exist

As we kissed to the rhythm of the wind

I did begin to know she's the reason

The reason I live,the reason I am

No dam could hold the waters forthcoming

I'm humming a brand new song of peace

For I've been released,you're the reason

The reason I am,the reason I will

No longer be still in the ebb and flow

There's a glow that's shining from above

It's your love and you're the reason

You inspire the fire that grows from within

And,again,I can smile at the world around

For I've found what I'd lost so long ago

And I know that you're the reason

You grant my soul the role I've desired

And lifted me higher than I've ever known

I've grown in your shadow,you know it's true

And you,my dear,are the reason

The reason I am,the reason I live

And I give you all of my joy to share

For I'd be nowhere without you near

But you're here and you are the reason

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