A Poet to ALL


Blessings are disguised

as we've seen in the past

often in the form of talent

which many poets can have

and, they seem to effect us

so soon after they go

until then, do we notice

that God's in control


Craig was an Artist,

and a good friend of mine

Vibrant, and lively

he shined through his lines

grateful to have known him

for the time that I did

he was "A poet to some"

but by all He'll be missed


in this tragedy we share

a lesson to be learned

he was modest in his content

and  gracious in his work

you'd never see him argue

like so many of us do

instead he'd bring his smiles

when he frequented the room


he's left behind a mirror

and he's given to this world

his many poems of struggle

he left behind his girl

and now that he is silent

it'll echo in this room

how a poet blessed with kindness

can change our very views


   In Dedication to

Craig Humberger-aka-Apoettosome



Rest In Peace, buddy.

We'll miss you

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

beautiful ode to a friend..