That Of Thanks


For as long as times been waiting,

and, since the winds have blown.

Before water guided rivers beds

have disintegrated stones.

A lights been always bathing

the sand 'pon island shores,

where patient treasures waited

to be seen for all it's worth,

but age concealed her beauty

long preserving there inside

the rarest ancient rivers

where a purity resides,

and placed atop a mountain

I climbed not knowing that

escaping from a loathing life

I'd happen cross' her map.

Guided through torrential rains,

and terrains that man could not.

My heart did reel like ivy leaf

in hopes her heart stayed soft.

Without a wing I made the shore.

By beacon light she led me in.

The bluest eyes I've ever seen.

Truest heart that god could give.

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