Papa 2 (1930)

The snow has come at last today

and as it flutters down

i think about a lonely grave

beside a little town.

Where just a little while has lain

one near and dear to me,

and now the snow has come to bring

it's silent sympathy.

These poor weak hands could never make

a blanket half so light

as god from his own heaven sends

in snowflakes soft and white.

Sweet rest unto eternity

with the kind earth for a bed

and silently the snow has lain

a mantle overhead.

Though time can never quite erase

this sorrow that i know

god brings sweet consolation

in his simple gift of snow.

Alone i sit in reverie

white tears ( ? ) fall

for my heart lies deep in a lonely grave

beside a village small.

By. Elsie M. Clemens (1903-1977)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is side 2 of the paper titled Papa, i couldn't not decipher one of the words, on the last stanza, 2nd line.
the word looked like so... (un_ _ _ _ n)

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