Papa (1930)

I walk along a wooden path

where you and i once tread

I push aside a bramble bush

to find a violet bed.

The tiny blossoms nod at me

and bittersweet they bring

reminded of the memory

how much you loved the spring.

I gaze up through the stately trees

to an assured tinted sky

i hear the rustle of the new born leaves

as a gentle breeze wafts by.

And high above a swaying bow

i hear the robins sing

and the memory quickly brings to me

how much you loved the spring.

I walk along a babbling brook

i tarry by a pool

i gaze into its depths to dream

and feel its water cool.

My mirrored face looks back at me

resemblance quickly bring

the vision of your gentle smile

oh, how much you loved the spring

And homeward as the shadows fall

i slowly take my way

somewhere i hear a nightbirds call

proclaim the end of day

And from afar across the hills

i hear the church bells ring

today I've walked with memories of

how much you loved the spring.

By. Elsie M. Clemens (1903-1977)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the first half of a double poem to My Grandmothers father titled "papa". the paper is in poor condition,but still decipherable enough to copy. on the other side of the paper another poem appears, titled-"Papa" as well. it will be titled Papa 2, on PostPoems.

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