Upon A Day Soon,(long-form)


I watch you lay asleep

and I wonder to myself,

is it romance behind my actions

or is it a danger to my health.

I love you, damn your gorgeous

I want you to be here with me.

I'm jealous of your aura,

because its where i want to be.


i can still taste you,

your sweetness,

all the way from last week,

i have shirts i refuse to wear because

the scent of your hair

was embedded in the threads

when you laid your head on me.


you see i just want you to know

what I'm thinking,

just a portion anyway

because if i were to tell you how i totally felt

this poem could go on for days,


i wish i could take you on a small boat,

to the middle of the Atlantic to a discreet island,

and make love to you on the white sanded shore.

we'd walk to find the river

and there'd we'd make love some more....


throughout The forest in front of the campfire

wherever we so chose to roam

then back to the small boat,

On endless blue ocean To our

beautiful mountain side home.


Wishes Wishes I could dream all day

as long as you were the topic of thought.

We could hike Mt. Everest

just to be alone with each other

to embrace the winds and talk


But as for now I am still here,

just watching you,

I see you there asleep,

I hope I'm still with you,

I hope its me in your dreams.


I've always thought you were a myth,

i never believe women like you still were around.

i always thought

that sorta stuff was just fairy tales

but i think i believe now.


angelic like

i would say you were,

with a tough defense,

but a fragile soul

baby you Are loved

more than you'll ever know.

You have a secret admirer

and its the immensity of my love for you.

I'm here inside me in love with

what's there inside of you.


strangers at first

romance before we met in person,

i put your bangs behind your ears

then kissed you, and you were more than even perfect.

now were waiting to just meet again and to hopfully

Do the same,

the fire will never die,

because you ever ignite the flam

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