Love insurance


I'd walk a million miles on my knee's

I'd count the leaves on every tree

if you were sick

I'd set a trap

to catch your disease

i want you honey,

even if, I'm stung by killer bee's.


i would wait for you forever

no matter how long it would take, forever to be.

I'd kiss your words and listen closely

every time you went to speak

i'd carry you on my shouldlers

if indeed your an amputee

I'd even eat a field of sugar cane

though it wouldn't be as sweet


      I'd take down walls just to find you

      I'd carve through mountains of limestone

      I'd trade treasure just to keep you

      I'd Be Alone without a home


if i could only see you once,

afterwards I'd close my eyes

if only i could hear your voice,

i would settle for being blind

even if i had to go without your voice,

It'd be ok, just as long

as i could feel your skin

and if you were burnt  all over from a fire

I'd still love the woman you are within.


so you see

it really don't matter,

to what measures or what extreme's

I'd endure anything

no matter what consequences may bring

some may call it foolish and

other's they may frown

but i make the point, i love you

and i want you even now.

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