Grains Of Love


Good night then my love,

please don't sleep to deep.

I wouldn't want you to forget

that it's me who find you in your dreams.

hold on tightly, your starting to slip

please let me kiss you one last time,

to only feel your lips

  just like back then,when we never met

  i loved you so much although i

  cannot place your being

  but  i  recall  our very first kiss

  i still know you


  its a desert now,

  that's been waiting for too long

  where the love we had, once belonged

  and we can still care about each other

  but in the inside where the truth is

  all the green is gone

just sand and waiting cactus

in suffer

& Rattle snakebite's.

but you'll always be my friend

because the desert is a place

to come to sometimes,

and  i love you,

and i look forward

to wander barefoot in your sand

  now you know the way i feel

  now you'll understand

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