Baggage Whisper


Maleficent serpent

adored by whom you know,

I'd shatter dreams there at my door step

then invite you to my thrown...

sadistic hated heart ship

sunken and treasure lost,

you've rescued from decay

of a faded wooded cross


perhaps I'll show you mirrors,

to remind you of your means,

and if your image shatters,

then you've known you come to see,

a man who will restore,

which title i may take,

but before you get excited,

know that I'm not for games...

you see I've been here waiting

and it's been as long as time,

and now you've come to save me

I've come busy making signs.

Help me, if you wanted

kill me, if you will,

hate me, with your deepness,

but admit, I'm with you still.


Vaporizing destine,

losing glitter girl.

amused she was by love, for sure.

but for reason i don't know.

there is no inside the way

to figure where'd she been

attached the words her suitcase left

a carving on the rim


it said..

"you who reads my heart,

shall keep it very close,

i come to love you but i fear that i

could feed you to the cold"

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