obsession is the result

of pure infatuation

and love is only attained

by Honor and patience

although i feel i know

exactly how it turns

i write this here alone

with a heart that barely works


when i love you the most

you are cold and unaware

but since my love is constant

you're hardly ever here

and now i know it's over

it's easier to say

that's it harder to love you

when you haven't any faith

i wish you, not the same

in fact i bid your happiness

i hope he brings you smiles

but i mostly wish for this


  i want you to feel as though

  you can tell him anything

  i don't want him to stop you

  from accomplishing your dreams

  give him your heart

  and don't let him walk away

  but for the most part i hope you

  have full and joyous days

  because i know i am for someone

  a perfect companion and friend

  and when she wears my ring in honor

  She'll know she has a Man.

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