A Reflection Testimony

Horror, And Gloom

He slowly motions for the blade

To edits the flesh from her frame.

the monogamous friendship

between he and his Box Cutter,

an inappropriate feeling takes the lead,

her skin begins to bleed

prolonging his curious wonder


(he continues on her canvas)


to the cerebral cortex cranium

with an obtuse walking stick,

his consciousness is self redeemed

for he's disencumbered her suffer


smeared blood on her most favorite evening cache

containing trinkets and family heirlooms

pieces of innards all over the dresser

and onto her finest perfumes


and for her family now

they've kept the memories in the distant

on the walls the mirror hangs

remaining the only witness

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Hannan Saeed's picture

Having read this one, gloomy is right,magnificent is another and the way your words follow and end-amazingly beautiful.