Ending up, Downwards


In opposition to the light

A Debt is owed indeed

alike in ways afraid to show

the horns that grow from greed.


Allow the wisps of sinful tongue

a space between the teeth.

Deny the self that heals a soul

left dormant in a dream.


Crooked halo, compass broke

kneeled before a king

whose mind is made of anything

convincing those who see.


and, pulling out a rose of home

charming whiffs of cedar breeze.

Golden sparkles from his throne

left thousands in captivity.


but, long behold a chariot

cutting through the flames of lost

with horses white as sterling chain

and the trumpets loud as bombs.


A voice so clear, it rings aloud.

Victory comes to those who've paid.

How the lines will divide

when it's time for judgment day.

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