What did it take for some drug to become

the fence that divides the love for my son.

It's sickening to know, and it's selfish to be.

How it kills me to know, that his father- is me.

And, blame on the dealers-I can only  refuse.

I'm responsible for, the curse that I've issued,

and JJ will know- where his daddy went wrong.

How it will kill him to know- that he is my son.

I'm praying there's hope, with intent to assure.

If indeed there's a chance, to fix what's impaired,

and that's what I'll do -if restoration can be.

So pride he may feel, that his Daddy- is me

First I must  change- these hands that I have

reclaiming the life that requires a path.

Through Jesus I know, it must take to for see

showing proof to us both,that the true father is -He.

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Misha B's picture

Anthony, what a thought provoking, sad yet, hopeful piece. Glad that I found a minute to stop back and check out your other works.

Keep on keeping on...