The Good In It All

Still and serene this night, it welcomes

The thoughts and walks you throw into it. 

It is your world emptied and dimmed a while

So you can put nothing out, but receive it all.

Flames reduce to embers to nothing much at all

And in wonder of this life in orbit;

In stasis in full swing;

Be rich in the air you command

And the being you inhabit. 


For you will marry a wife or see your first born

Or laugh with a friend until early morning. 

Buy your first house or make love to your spouse

Or sit and just smile on your own. 

So at the end of your life you will look back and cry

To have gone through something so personal. 

Some times will be wept, but most to be kept

As a beautiful reminder of your human experience. 

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  May all experience that the


May all experience that the end of each life is the shedding of the old clothes of the body and that what lies after is rebirth or total union with God  my thought about your poem's last lines