Listening to covers, feeling the need to write
About people practicing night after night
Pouring their hearts and souls into something
While those undeserving are in plain sight.
God gives the gift, man turns away
Because talent doesn't look a certain way
We return the gift, without a second guess;
Man will take a pretty face over talent anyday.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Ah but the wise ones of us realize this............

and always go for the cake any day over just the pretty icing. More is to the pity of the icing lovers. They lead sad shallow many times unhappy lives cause as you know all that glitters is far from gold. I enjoyed this poem of yours most. And though some prefer rhyming poems I don't believe they have to rhyme. I say whenever you can free yourself from the rhyme. work on flow more so than rhyme. It's wonderful when you write a poem and it flows so well others would swear it rhymed until they go back and really look then they realize no it didn't that is when you have leveled up in your skill of writing when you are able to do this. I enjoyed reading your poetry thanks for sharing do share some more. Sincerely, Melissa Lundeen.

running_with_rabbits's picture

it really throws off the poem

it really throws off the poem for me by changing the rhyming in the end, when a poem rhymes I begin to read it in a rhythmic chant in my head which helps me get into the feeling behind it. feel there was a lot of angst here then it defuses at the end, which for me is where it should be hit full force.

that being said I could not agree more, our society is too focused on looking good not feeling good and being good, and on what sells not what works

Much Love