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Moreno Valley,CA.

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I am...very complex. I'm a bit sassy, a bit sadistic, I'm kind, I'm a very good story teller, I suck at telling jokes. I am the eldest of three. The middle child is my half-sister who lives with her mom, and my brother lives with me. One day, I plan to have my books read all over the world. I just need to work some kinks how to start a story and how to write fight scenes (I suck at both of those). That's about it.

About My Navel

Poem time~
Oh dearest navel
Why must you be so hard to clean?
What are these fuzzy pieces that come out of you?
Oh, old friend, you are such a pain in the a-
Poem time is over due to explicit language~

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I like to write (duh), listen to music (if you have any bands you think I might like, Pm me.), stare at my ceiling and ponder about life and watch youtube videos. I also like the creative projects my English Honors teacher gives me, we have do to one one Poetry( Yes, odeargodyesplease). I also like to roleplay (not that kinky sh-, just the anime types and make up stories. They're mostly depressing.) That's about it.


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