My favorite things

There's a part of my life
That means the most to me
I get away from strife
To people who can really see

They know me, they love me
They care about my needs
And when i really need it most
They're the ones who help me succeed

The teenage life
Is highly affected by peer review
We trust those around us
To tell just the truth

Not often are they
The ones we can trust
But with my friends
Their help to me is a must

They know me, they love me
They care about my needs
And because they're the best
I KNOW i'll succeed

The best part of my life
All my favorite things
Are the people who help me through my strife
They're teenage human beings

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for a themed contest. But it didn't end up getting entered. I had a hard time getting words out for this.

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~~~~teenage human beings~~~~it is a night of reading and discovering new concepts, an almost oxymoron? Just grandson is 9 and the pre-teen years are intense...he laments, i don't understand! - I sit him down and give him the news...i don't understand either most of the time. - huge fan - A