The life worth living through.

As I lay and rest my head, nothing in here but my bed, I start to wonder how my life could have worked out instead.


i don't have any money, i can barely pay my rent, and the food thats in my stomach is no more than just a dent.


my Livingroom lies empty, no tv to entertain. so I sit beside my window and I stare out of the pane. i have a lovely dog, I might go walking him again, for the third time just today because It almost keeps me sane.

he is well fed and hes loved, more than I can say for me. but maybe some day I'll be okay and I'll finally be free.


I had a great education, and a desire to succeed, but I don't even have a job because there are none here for me. One day I'll run a business, and then everyone will see, just because my life's a struggle, doesn't mean it will always be.


i know I will get through it, ill go travelling round the coast, and I wont have to live my daily life on fecking beans and toast.

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Beans are a great

Protein source. This condition has not spread sufficiently yet to be statistically significant. Savings and credit cards may sustain many when government stops helping consumers but can the jobs recover before this become a significant norm? Marches for bread could become the norm as all coffers continue to empty and contents flow upward. A poem with heart and truths. ~S~