Rise Up


Rise up.

For the first day of a new life.

If today was a new book, this moment is the first page.

A brand new chapter in this anthology of thoughts.

With my chin up, I finally take the stage.

Rise up.

I speak up, confidently and clear.

Not for you, my dear.

This is MY moment;

Yours is no longer here.

Rise up.

The sun shines differently;

Through the leaves outside my window.

The air smells clean and cool.

So calming as the wind blows.

Rise up.

Today is a new beginning.

There's so many things to see.

Look at things a little closer.

Look at things a little differently.

Rise up.

The world is mine for the taking.

I will take it as a prize.

My heart's no longer breaking.

Life gets hard, but still I rise.

I rise.

I rise.

I will rise to face the day.

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Cascade's picture

I am so glad you are finally

I am so glad you are finally purged. I have read many of your poems, but there were no words to say. Today I can say welcome back, dear poet. Hold your candle to the sky. Blessings to you and your new dawn.



allets's picture

"this moment is the first page."


we need optimsm now, death looms, disharmony rushes around us -- we need belief in rising believing, laughingly embracing each now! 



saiom's picture

  the sunrise after the


the sunrise after the night

the resurrection after the crippling pain