Perseverance (Like A Seed)


Like a seed.

Throw dirt on me.

Bury me beneath.

Water me with doubt and I will flourish.

I will persevere.

Fear? There is none.

The sky is clear.

I will ride persistence out into the sun.

I will cope.

I will not lose this fight.

If there is a sliver of hope;

Then there is a glimmer of light.

Like a seed.

Watch me grow through life.

I own this life.

It gets hard.

I have scars;

But I will not stay buried.

I will not stay in the dark.

Like a seed;

I break free from underneath.

I can finally see.

I can finally breathe...

Hungry for growth.

And thirsty for peace.

Life gets difficult;

But I will not slow to a halt

I will not stop.

I will not fall.

I will persevere like a seed;

while hard times nourish.

And when life tries to bury me.

I will flourish.






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"Throw dirt on me"


I love flower gardening. Long ago now.