Alone in a Dark Room

There is a thing which cannot be seen, it is like winter's tired breath

Exhaled across powder snow, and through leafless trees

I am certain you have met this ethereal void

For I have found no one who denies its presence

One need only sit alone in a dark room and wait, it will come


Though incorporeal, it can be felt

In the same way one can feel a person staring from across the street

You know it by its chilling touch on your arms and neck

Flowing across the hairs on your back

You likely tell yourself it is imagined, that you have caused the sensation

With the strangeness tucked away in your mind

Do not be fooled into thinking yourself unique

We all have thoughts we dare not think


Let us ponder this fact, for everyone has experienced it

All who've lived have been caressed by that shivery hand

One must ask their self of the meaning of this occurrence

For numberless others have felt the same trepidation

Should that knowledge be a comforting thought and a relief?

Or perhaps does it mean that there truly stands a formless figure beside you

As you squirm, vexed in silent thought as to why you have that dreadful feeling

Of being watched while you sit in an empty room

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Although it is not a ghost

Although it is not a ghost story, as far as I can tell, it reads like one and has the same tone of terror.

Enjoy effulgent days, and exquisite nights,

unto the exultations of Heaven.


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When you pay attention to

When you pay attention to what you are thinking... watching a thought come into your "view' ... who is it watching that thought? Is it you?  Who or what is watching those thoughts and making the decision to pay attention to it or let it pass on by? Who is the I on "I am" ?

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It's certainly an interesting

It's certainly an interesting phenomenon. Worthy of some thought from time to time.


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things that go bump

I usually think it is the house settling or the icemaker from the kitchen making me feel eerie. I do not believe in ghosts or the ethereal void (fabulous image!). You want creepy, take a night's rest in a graveyard :D Sometimes dark rooms are creepy. - slc



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I'm of the same opinion as

I'm of the same opinion as you in regards to ghosts and such. Although my wife is terribly afraid of that sort of thing so it was on my mind.. Tongue Out

I do find it amusing that I still get goosebumps from certain things of that sort though. Haha


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Just Re-Read

This poem is so very well sculpted it carried me along so effortlessly and artistically. The dark is there and we seek light, create it, but it has qualities that affect us, some intrinsic or ancient fear - danger came from the darkness before fire or some such. Great write. Enjoyed a 2nd time :D ~Lady A~