hour by hour

15 hours till i see you agian,

14 hours till i hear how you have been.

13 hours till i know how its gone,

12 hours till we talkt o dawn.

11 hours till i feel your touch,

10 hours that aint very much.

9  hours that aint much more,

8  hours till you walk through that door.

7  hours till i feel your grace,

6  hours till i see your face.

5  hours only four more,

4  hours cant wait for you to walk through the door,

3  hours i can imangin your touch,

2  hours 1 aint very much.

1  hour i can see your car,

now your in my arms safe as ever,

i am nto gonna let you go nope not never.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this one took me a wile

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Jessica's picture

I still remember the first time meeting you and staying the night like it was yesterday. You always brought a smile to my face and knew how to treat me.. :)

Kimberly Lude's picture

BEAUTIFUL!!! It's awesome! Oh my god!! these are all so romantic!!! :'( Total tear-jerkers. lol.