You and I
To see

Forgetting that time is
Wrapped in a bubble

I tried to pick and smell the flowers
But they ran away laughing in shame

A kind word spoken
Acid reflux mindfulness

Living for a tomorrow
Never ever did it come

Making an appointment waiting to wake up
Snow covered grey mountain tops

Walking through mechanical motions
High grade potions
Flattened emotions

Crushing the world under my thumb
The world is not what It seemed

Smile and wince in pain
It only hurts when I’m trying to breathe

Make nice
Sound sane
Pronounce the “g’s” and “v’s”
Medley of phonetic games

What is left?
What is in the cards?
What can be said?
Why even bother?

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I need to read some real poems please. ~allets~

Lady A


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