Hurt Me

           Hurt Me

(Verse 1)

C Wake up! Em Time for school Am let's check your math C

Em Cause the things you say don't add up 

Am They don't make C sense Em

Am  Like I thought you plus C me equaled everyAmthing 

C But take me Em minus you Am and were left with one C instead of two

So we divide and we conquer instead of multiplying

Cause we done so much fighting ain't no more use in trying 



You hurt me bad you left me sad

You hurt me hurt me babe you hurt me babe

You left me for dead with the words you said

You hurt me hurt me you hurt me hurt me 

You hurt me bad trashed what we had

You hurt me hurt me babe you hurt me hurtttt me

Can't trust you I don't know what else to do


(Verse 2)

Social study your instagram 

Facebook Twitter Snapchat

It's like

Who's this girl liking your post

The one who said she had the most 

Fun with you the other day

Where's your trust your loyalty

You can't stay faithful to me

Guess you're not so trustworthy

So it's time to set you free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think I'll just leave this here and you guys guess what this song is about or come up with your own interpretation of it. This song isn't completely finished but, this is just what I have so far!

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Song Lyrics

As a rule, I don't rhyme, it takes time and skill. - slc



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Yes lol it does take some

Yes lol it does take some time. Do you like the song though?

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Just re-read it

As lyrics go, I'm not a songster, that is your expertise. Like is a big word for me. I read Poe and listen to Nikki G, Don Lee, and Baraka - now if you want lyrics - find Ted Joans or read some "Enemies: The Clash of Races".  Don L. Lee aka Haki Madhabuti said, "We wear 24 hour sunglasses and call our women baby." Like that. My kinda lyrics. I'm reading "The Last Hot Time" (John M. Ford, who died recently, like last year) for the sixth time and each time it's a lyric from first word to last. Like "The Mountains of Mourning" or "Bable-17" brotha sci-fi writer I have all his books but one. Marilyn Hacker (see B-17). Extend a metaphor and I'm hooked. Poet, Wallace Stevens, understands the essence of lyric. Lyrics equal oldie but goodies for me also - totally hooked on some Major Lance and some Chuck Jackson. Pushin hard on 69 year's old - I'm old old old school. Good to see you back - Stella 




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And "Gypsy Woman"