Now I know the feeling of dread

Those losing life speak that of,

The fear that builds as the shears cut the thread

That pulls all to hard on the heart and soul

That feeling of being slashed about with a knife

I gave you all I am and asked only that you be there

Gave you my love with out regret

My time no matter the need or the hurt to me

And all the while thought you gave your share

Now I find my heart taxed unto dept.

Were did I go wrong?

What did I do to hurt you that you now walk away?

To say I need time with out you

Is this something you knew you would do and if so how long

And thou I am on bent knee I cannot beg you to stay,

I understand the broken feeling you state

Is eating your heart and soul

The need to rebuild

Did I care for you, give love enough to late?

Am I the reason in you now is a hole?

I have been naught but happy in my eyes

But to you I am dark and moody each day

Did I not hear you say please? Were my ears deaf

Or am I so blind I could not even see my own lies

I beg of you is there no other way?

The price I pay for loving you

For not hearing you when you're calling

For being blind to your needs

For giving you my time your moments all to few

Is to hurt and feel like my very soul is falling.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was written for the girl that left me 2 years before i met my wife. funny how things stay with you.

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