Dancing shadows

Were stand we in the shadows moon light

That all we see is the mist of souls lost

Deep we sing down to doom our hearts hunger

How then we dance in the glade

Open to the will of those lost as we ourselves

Consumed in light that burns away pain

Leaving only our desire for each and every one

Like ourselves dieing over again every night

If only that we should lend a hand

That of wisp o'er moves slowly on

We should learn what is in our hearts true

None would ever again have power to smash

Dance with me here in darkness lit in blood

Our hunger overwhelming all we know

That we move alone even in the crowd

Wanting all around knowing it is not for us

Dance with me in shadows moonlight

That we may for a moment feel as though we are one

That we should feel just for the myst

Our hearts stop breaking o'er the dawning's crow.

Now we fad to black for whence our souls were bound

That we should live again next morrow night

That we hunt and never find

A love true and only just for ….

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