Propped up

There in a corner of my mind is a lie

It sits there looking at me as thought I were god

Knowing that I can keep it alive or kill it

With that in hand were does it go?

No where it sits in the corner of my mind, staring at me.

All propped up.

What hope does it have of surviving?

Can it rely on me to keep it fresh, to give it nourishment?

What if I forget about it , it wonders.

Does it really care? Or does the lie keep me…

All propped up.

Now in my mind is a thought staring at the lie as the lie stairs at me.

Who is god in my mind.

Were did this all start the beginning of this lie that I am now stuck in

How do I find the way out of my own mind as it crumbles

What is the lie that started the lie that keeps me,

All propped up.

In the corner of his mind is a man

It sits there looking at me as though he were god

Knowing that he can keep him alive or kill him

With that in mind were does he go

No were, so he just sits there in the corner of the mind of the lie

Staring in lose and confusion.

All propped up.

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