-- A Single Note of Time --

What is the thought that drives us as we seek the answers to questions; weather of wind or stone, the voice of soul sings that which we see in minds blind search for completeness.

To find this answer rather than search with force of will the power of mind to turn the universe to ash in quest, the soft hand of open palms this quest laid slow and bare for the wind to blow as answers are shared in the will of souls open to questions yet asked.

See in you the need to let free your own hunting's of things yet seen through forced open doors of dreams that are not ours. The answers of questions passed and left for others as those that came before are in truth our own memories of dreams yet had.

Passed all this is the spring of your soul singing the songs that are the truth of your hearts seeking, that in this quiet contemplation is the end of all you seek in a single note of time.

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