14 Eternally for every mile

This month full 5 past in trepidation's shadow

Uncertain words questions as spoken loom

Two too often fail as one the tithe of souls paid

As breathe upon frost is blown the words onto darkened window

Unity fires burn low failing the light portent gloom.

BOOM roles cold light from heads held low in darkened sky

Echo's held deep the pulse of life beats on in swaying trees

Rumors falter, backs like rocks broken in strong trees roots

Push forward deep inside moments held retreats every second die

Gasping clutch burning eyes scream never go on bent knee.

And in this moment deeps fear brightly shines sigils hope

Of bear in spirit lost, found again from reasons eyes griped

The wonder of her that again blinds my heart in deafening joy

Now slipped the fetters from wrist the blindness of weakness' ropes

In me the renewed commitment wells up new life sipped.

What shadows lurk in winds cold and sterile holds no weight

Our hands though seldom held shelter only warmth each the other

As picked from the rocks a path no darkness could shelter

Un-faltered upward we strive further now away those that hate

In our eyes unspoken bonds stronger than rope holds us one to the other.

Long though the night may wear, crowds as under-brush rise

And gust would our path bar in dampness stagger unseen

As beacons we shine out league upon league

I realize with out my heart how lost I would be in ambiguities lies

Thus in days to come fathom the totality of my debt to her my queen.

From the wounds my own hands won in past the gift Urًr battles lost

I learn to look forward and forget the rolling of mist that churns

My eyes more forward looking taste the winds of Skuld

And in me grows a warmth that burns away darkness regardless the cost

Allowing me to move freely within Verًandi our lessons to learn.

A growing sense full of purpose and need grows now in me

That my will be her will and her will mine in all things

That each goal set forward in the building of our new home

Grows from each as one with out turmoil my promise to thee

That no more our hardships weigh us down and we may now use our wings.

So I pledge as before unlike before my wholeness to you luv

In all things no matter the pain or fear that you always smile

Given full life in love no matter the whim

My adoration fidelity devotions and unbridled love  

And all I ask is that you love me the same eternally for every mile.  

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