12 New Breath

New breath this day in fading summers glow

Taken twice as often our labors demand

Our home so often the mark of those that hate

Looking out over the world and enemies we know

Upon this embattled buttress now we stand.

So often now we awaken to swords

The wounds of others on our flesh must bear

As the weak this day passes again lashed by tongues

Of words the spite in blind minds grieving hordes

Still the beast has yet away our will to wear.

From missives born on winds of lies

The harpies' wings in daylight fail

To batter the truth of love in hand ours is held

And in shame away from our walls is forced to fly

Our truth its heels now blow strong defending Gail.

Scurry vermin of blight and diseased hearts

Away from us as you once sought out our eerie

See here in the founding stone that which you can not break

Lament as you carry away your broken will in carts

For love is the bedrock of our home that none shall crack in fury.

Now the shadows fad and the sun will set not run

Again the winter wind will howl in glory the master of the hunt

But to our door not to smoke out but to dine

This table set as feast in honor our guests' good will won

Immortal gods blessing preyed for our hearts not to blunt.

Steadfast stand we two in this our mark of full season grown

The passing of time a quiet breathe in the warmth of our labor

And though the hounds of Hel bay loud the coming of garm

Like the leader of souls we stand fast the coming of evil our enemies have sown

And know in the end by the bright gods side victory we shall savor.

Loud the revels of foes in the shadows calling out

But in our halls as nothing more than hollow whispered echo's boast

  Ring clear the horns of victory

Then in passing hours come the end our feast praise shout

In our halls are given praise and blessings from one and all-noble host.

So to lodge our head will lay on down virgin quill

Embraced our arms under warmth silent vigil our home not death

Knowing in our hearts the pleasure of the mind free of doom

A beginning of life with out threat of word, deed or evil will

Stronger now than before as fall soon fades to winter we take this new breath.

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