11 Reborn

Now as passes time in the hour our lords day

These two lovers warm and fey share the learning of soul

Of minds and heart the open will each given part and more

Thus now is learned the secret of knight his dark need fey

His hunger for life out the body to drink whole.

Our queen speaks of dreams and needs out of secret place

Held dear and reminisce of lives in dirt forgotten to soon

The life shared as this secret won now is shared

That now is known the truth of what these two as one face

How to feed as monster and man, this illness now looms.

Soft hands and warmer smiles given to heart this knight

As spoken in ages ago from will to will of time yet come

To you this I give freely with out remorse

My life my love my heat and soul eternal this night

Should you not this gift receive despair my heart wrought will be the total sum.

So was spoken for weeks yet more to come as under moon as sun

By walks under bough of oak as under willow soft-spoken

Of commitment their heats like spiders webs woven

Of strong steel this union made as by love given freely won

They decide finally on how and when to feed his hungry body broken.

Again as passes time the hero our hour alights once more grand

Comes queen and knight to dine of wines and fine meat

Spell bound again the players perform hamlet their eyes delight

Though crowd round close presses still they go hand and hand

And in shadows breath deeply of each other's lips in secret from high seats.

Upon their ears soft caress of string and wind guides the dance

As wine now for blood their bodies' flow grows the myst

And from the eye's corner fades all others' round this dance

Pressed more tightly from need as one to be is seen clearly each glance

For hours that pass the space of minutes soon to table they list.

Now from table to home and home to couch the touch of hair

Rising passions demand freedom of flesh baring still sent of pear

the band privet plays and the stars shine in defiance the breaking day

these two bodies' twined in heated death given life shared

her will as steel now the flesh to break her shaking hand will dare.

Dragons tooth her breast does bite and from her flows like honey rum

Life as wines red and glowing silk pours out her free

Upon his lips now is taken as in a drunken swoon his body reborn

Her wound his salvation for this moment of lost time won

The two collapse and close their eyes this moment in minds eye forever to see.

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